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Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Good Start...

So far so good in 2010. I think all the planning and work I have put into the Memorial 100 event has kind of lit a fire under my ass for training. When you tell people you are going to run 100 miles and want them to donate money on behalf of what you're doing, it's probably a good idea to make sure you are able to follow through with your end of the deal. January is only half-way done and I'm looking at some serious mileage, I should surpass 200 miles this month pretty decisively. The first week of the month saw my mileage distributed closely to how I had planned it out, but this past week because of an injury scare (turned out to be nothing) it was all good mid-distance runs and a couple shorties. Either way, I feel really good so far, and I am really excited to race here in a couple months. Right now Pittsburgh is my first of the year, but I have a feeling I am going to get too antsy to wait that long. I'll keep you posted on any change to my last post.

Two pairs of my running shoes are on their deathbed... which is really bittersweet. I love getting new shoes, but I am attached to my current ones. Both pairs of Brooks I had been running in for most of 2009  are quickly approaching 500 miles and are noticeably being worn down from the heavy use. I have 462 miles on my Adrenaline 9's and 412 miles on my Cascadia 3's... both have served me well in the past year. I think I might switch models for my road shoes and go with the Trance 9 on my next purchase... I have had so many pairs of Adrenaline's that I have lost count, but I think it's time to expand my horizons.  Trail wise, I'm going to stick with the Cascadia and just upgrade to the 4th generation (which is definitely the best looking one to date). I remember getting the 1st generation shipped to me while I was in Iraq... which I will tell a story about in a future post.

That's all for now... BUT I have some exciting news to share in my next post, which may come early next week. Stay tuned.

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