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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Plugging Away

Well, there is not exciting news as I had promised, I had an idea, but it didn't really come to any fruition.

In other news... let me tell you that the new DNA cushioning system Brooks has developed that adapts uniquely to the shoe wearer, is awesome. Lots of people out there think that a pair of shoes is, well, just a pair of shoes. But honestly if you run as much as I do, you can tell the difference between good and bad, old and new, etc. I was beginning to feel a slight case of tendonitis coming on, which my new kicks seem to correct pretty well, and just putting these shoes on and standing in them I could tell the cushioning was superior to anything else I have warn. Check it out at your local running store!

Training is going well, and I am pretty happy looking back at this month. I think that the hard work I am putting in now, will have exponential results when the warm weather comes and I compete. My goal for Pittsburgh is to finish under 3:30, which isn't incredibly ambitious, but the marathon distance won't be my priority until the Fall season when I try to qualify for Boston. This bitter cold sucks to run in, but every mile counts, and these difficult ones now will pay off.

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