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Friday, March 19, 2010

Flirting With Disaster

My January training was epic. I'm not even certain where I got the motivation to run that much, but I trumped my all previous efforts. January in Columbus was bitter cold and largely miserable conditions, yet I still pulled off some of my fastest and longest mileage ever. 

Ohhh such high hopes I had for the months following that initial kick. February was a disaster all in all. I ran about a quarter of what I did in January, gained 20 pounds, and set myself back when I had no business doing anything outside of working up to the 100 mile effort in late May.

In my mind I beat myself up and wonder why I didn't push myself to run more... but you know what, it wasn't really that bad, I still have my desire and my ability. I hate making excuses, but running isn't and never will be the most important thing in my life. God will always be more important, and my relationships with the people in my life will always come before it too. I blur the line because I think running can glorify God and help build relationships... I know this because I have seen it, but sometimes you do have to pick.

March has been a lot of endurance recovery and building the blocks back up. I'm frustratingly slow right now, but I have 6 weeks till Pittsburgh and almost 10 until the 100 miler. Thats at the very least, 600 miles of training to prepare me. My race season hasn't even started, and spring is right around the corner for a motivation boost...

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  1. Here's the irony... you are looking for a motivation boost while at the very same time YOU are motivating OTHERS! No, I'm serious! Even though I am dealing with some pain right now and can't put in my scheduled miles, I have stayed focused and continue cross-training by telling myself... "if those guys can train for a 100-miler in the cold then I can drag myself to the gym and work through this."

    Thank you for what you are doing... not only the event itself but for sharing your journey with us. It's one thing to go out there and run because you love it or are great at it, but it's another to go out there for a purpose, to raise awareness & funds for a cause that many don't even understand.

    We were blessed to come home with everything we deployed with so it's only right that we go out there and use these incredible machines! You got this!!!