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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

How I Have Been "Inspired Daily"

In 2009, a dream of mine from high school began to materialize into reality when I started competing in marathons and ultras. By the end of the year I was addicted and I knew I wasn't going to be a one and done kind of guy. I was looking to give my running legitimacy by getting involved in the promotion of the sport with others that share my passion for it. My goal for 2010 was to make a positive impact in my community with my so called "individual" sport.

Last December I turned to a Brooks, a brand that I have loved and used since I was a teenager, to see if they could help me. I discovered their "Inspire Daily" program, which is designed to assist it's members in the promotion of running, being physically active and the Brooks brand. I applied, thinking that my chances of actually running for Brooks was pretty slim. After all, I was green in the sport and didn't exactly have the gaudy statistics that some of my fellow runners did. I have never qualified for Boston, only finished a handful of races, and certainly haven't won any. Despite the application saying that qualified individuals are "winners in their own right", I was still surprised and ecstatic when they approved my involvement.

Several other companies approved entry level sponsorship requests from me, but none of which that I am more proud to be associated with than Brooks. Their level of commitment to me and my pursuits as a runner have been unmatched. Not only that, but the community I have been introduced to is nothing short of amazing. My fellow Brooks athletes raise the bar in terms of advocacy, not only for our sport, but hundreds of different philanthropic efforts within their communities.

My cohorts, donning their bright yellow singlets and nearly obscene running shorts, have become some of my best friends and most fervent supporters. Several of my races this year have been for the sake of raising awareness and donations for various charities, and I have relied on this circle of friends to help me become incredibly successful in reaching my goals. When I have made my goals public, my inbox has been flooded with encouragement, the word has been spread, and donations have been made on my behalf.

Every time I turn around I feel like I see another effort to use running to make a difference in peoples lives, and that has been inspiring to me.

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