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Saturday, November 13, 2010

The In Between

With the Masochist behind me I have just one challenge left for 2010 before my mind shifts to new goals for the next year. Typically after a race I am pumped up and the week following I put in a decent amount of mileage, but since last Saturday I have laid dormant in light of injury concerns.

The 50 Horton Miles (longer than the standard mile) left me a little more beat up than last year when I jumped right back into running just four days later. My left ankle has been slightly swollen and very stiff for the last 6 days, so with my next race just weeks away I decided to give it a rest. My theory is that if I was able to run 50 miles, then 50 kilometers shouldn't require too much more training in the break between, so the rest time is more important.

I plan on testing my legs on a short run today and if it holds up I will be blasting miles away on the trails to get ready for my big finale at the Big Foot 50K on December 6th. The 50K wasn't part of my original schedule, but I decided after the Columbus Marathon to add it so I could help a recent acquaintance run her very first ultra. I haven't run a 50K since my very first race last February at Holiday Lake, so it should be interesting to see how I perform. 

This is the inaugural year for the Big Foot 50K, which is a 3-loop trail course near Lore City, OH. I'm not sure what to expect at this point, but my suspicion and hope is that the field will be tame. I base this one two factors... one is that because it's the first running, the faster blokes won't be coming out of the woodwork... two is because it's Ohio, who comes to Ohio to run ultramarathons???

My fantasy is that I have a shot at winning, or at least competing for top honors. If my new apprentice feels confident enough on her own, that's what I am shooting for. However, as my performance from last Saturday taught me, you always have to be prepared for things not going as well as you had planned. I don't know how hilly or technical the loop is going to be, but since we are in the Buckeye State, I am fairly certain it's not going to be anything near as difficult as the races I have done in Virginia or Pennsylvania. The 3-loop course and evenly proportioned aid stations are going to serve me well in judging distance, pacing, and refueling. If I can get some good training in during the next two weeks, there is no reason I shouldn't be able to run the entire time and be damned fast doing it.

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  1. just caught up on your blog, my friend, you are quite an amazing fellow. if only i had a chance to hang out with you in the next month or so.... haha.

    keep it up bro!