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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Race Schedule for 2011

The Yuengling Shamrock Marathon                                       26.2 Miles
March 20th 2011
Virginia Beach, VA

ORRRC Marathon                                                                  26.2 Miles
April 3rd 2011
Xenia, OH

Tie-Dye 50K                                                                           50 Kilometers
April 23rd 2011
Yellow Springs, OH

Capon Valley 50K                                                                  50 Kilometers
May 7th 2011
Yellow Spring, WV

The Pittsburgh Marathon                                                        26.2 Miles
May 15th 2011
Pittsburgh, PA

The Memorial 100                                                                  100 Miles
May 27-28th 2011
Richmond, VA

The Laurel Ultra                                                                     77 Miles
June 11th 2011
Ohiopyle, PA

The Burning River 100                                                          100 Miles
July 30th 2011
Willoughby Hills, OH

Youngstown Ultra Trail Classic                                            50 Kilometers
September 17th 2011
Youngstown, OH

The Columbus Marathon                                                        26.2 Miles
October 16th 2011
Columbus, OH

The Marine Corps Marathon                                                  26.2 Miles
October 30th 2011
Arlington, VA

Mountain Masochist Trail Run   *                                          50 Miles
November 6th 2011
Lynchburg, VA

Big Foot 50K *                                                                      50 Kilometers
December 4th 2011
Lore City, OH

* Denotes that I have not registered for the race yet, most of which is due to registration not currently being open

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